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Historic Merrill - Big Events

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1912 Flood
1912 Flood

1852 - First school established. The first teacher was Kate Goodrich.

1872 to 1873 - Smallpox epidemic in Jenny.

February 6,1875 - The first issue of the area's first newspaper, the Lincoln County Advocate, is printed. At one time, the City had five newspapers.

1881- Wisconsin Legislature passes resolution to change name from Jenny to Merrill.

1883 - City of Merrill is incorporated and first Common Council meeting is held. The population at this time was 830.

1885 - First Lincoln County Fair is held.

1897 - Church Mutual Insurance Company is founded and begins operation in the building that is now the Trophy Bar on East Main Street.

Badger Hotel
Badger Hotel

1907 - The Badger Hotel and Theatre is built by A.H. Stange. The theatre offers stage shows and later motion pictures.

1908 - Norman Chilsen opens Merrill's first car dealership and begins selling Buicks.

1912 - A devastating flood hits Merrill.

1941 - Many parts of Merrill again experience extensive flood damage

July 18, 1960 - J.C. Penney store explodes in downtown Merrill. Eight people are killed by the explosion that fateful day, and two more die later that summer from their injuries.

October 24, 1975 - The movie The Giant Spider Invasion, filmed in Merrill and the surrounding area, was released.

1984 - The Walter Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro ticket selects the City of Merrill as the site to kick off their campaign for President/Vice-President. They begin the campaign on September 3rd by riding in the Labor Day parade, followed by a rally at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

April 10, 2011 - Merrill and the surrounding area suffer extensive damage from a tornado. Fortunately, nobody was killed.

1975 - Giant Spider Invasion
Giant Spider Invasion!
Mondale and Ferraro in Merrill
Mondale/Ferraro in Merrill
2011 Tornado
2011 Tornado