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S.S. Merrill
S.S. Merrill

S. S Merrill - It's all in the Name

The City of Merrill is named after Sherburn Sanborn (S.S) Merrill. Along with Alexander Mitchell, Merrill was primarily responsible for bring the railroad to the area that is now Merrill. He was born in Alexandria, NH in 1818, and moved to Milwaukee in 1850. When Alexander Mitchell became president of the Milwaukee Road in 1865, he appointed Merrill as general manager. S.S. Merrill died on February 5, 1885. He is buried in Milwaukee.


H.V. Kaltenborn
H.V. Kaltenborn

H.V. Kaltenborn - Radio Commentator

H.V. Kaltenborn was born in Milwaukee in 1878, but moved with his family to Merrill when he was three years old. He is credited with originating the broadcasting of news on the radio. He was hired by CBS radio in 1930, and provided commentary on that network until 1940, when he was hired away by another network, NBC. He always remembered his hometown and was a generous contributor to the T.B. Scott Free Library. H.V. Kaltenborn died on June 14, 1965. He is buried in Milwaukee. The National Radio Hall of Fame inducted Kaltenborn in 2011.



William Evjue
William T. Evjue

William T. Evjue - Newspaper Founder

William Evjue was born in Merrill in 1882. In 1917, he and four buddies from his college days formed the Capital Times newspaper. The Capital Times soon became a forum for progressive and liberal thinking. Today, the Capital Times is one of the most respected newspapers in the state. Evjue was a disciple of "Fighting" Bob LaFollette, who carried the banner for the Progressive Party in national elections. William Evjue died on April 23, 1970. He is buried in Madison.