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Merrill Mayors - T.B. Scott

T.B. Scott
Thomas B. Scott

Served 1883-1884.


Thomas B. Scott was born 1829 in Scotland, but his family moved to New York City when he was 10. At 19 he moved to Wisconsin. In 1856 Wood County was formed, and T.B. Scott was elected treasurer. Thus began a long political career, including five terms as a State Senator prior to becoming Merrill's first mayor.


Mr. Scott made a fortune in the lumber business, but he generously donated back to the community. One of his greatest contributions to the City of Merrill was a $10,000 donation to build a new library. To this day, the T.B. Scott Free Library bears his name.


T.B. Scott built the T.B. Scott Mansion, but he did not live long enough to ever reside in it. T. B. Scott died in 1886, and is interred in the Scott Mausoleum, one of the landmarks of Merrill Memorial Park.